The Niju Kun are the twenty subordinate principles of karate. Each one amplifies an aspect of one or more of the broader Dojo Kun principles. The Dojo Kun and Niju Kun remind us to incorporate these values into our lives, and to always be aware of our actions and how they affect society and one another.

1.            Do not forget that karate begins with a bow and finishes with a bow.

2.            In karate, never attack first.

3.            One who practices karate must follow the way of justice.

4.            Know yourself first, then you can know others.

5.            Spirit and mind are more important than technique.

6.            Be ready to release your mind.

7.            Misfortune comes out of idleness.

8.            Don’t think that what you learn in karate can’t be used outside the dojo.

9.            It will take all of your life to learn Karate.

10.        Put karate into your everyday living; that is how to see its true beauty.

11.        Karate is just like hot water; if you do not give it continuous heat, it will become cold.

12.        Do not cling to the idea of winning; it is the idea of not losing that is necessary.

13.        Move according to your opponent.

14.        In conflict, you must discern the vulnerable from the invulnerable points.

15.        Consider your opponent’s legs and arms as you would lethal swords.

16.        Be aware at all times that you have millions of potential opponents.

17.        Postured stance is for beginners; later comes naturalness.

18.        Kata is about correct and proper form; engaging in a real fight is something else.

19.        Do not forget: 1) strength and weakness of power; 2) contraction and expansion of body; and 3) rhythm of techniques.

20.        Always create and devise.

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