ISKF Annual Membership Fees

Kyu ranks $50.00 CDN

Dan ranks $70.00 CDN

ISKF Annual Membership Fee

  Kyu Rank and Dan Rank Training Fees







Visitor Per Class

Plus HST




One Month Unlimited

Plus HST




Three Months Unlimited

Plus HST




Six Months Unlimited

Plus HST




One Year Unlimited

Plus HST





Rank examinations are held every three months. Exam fees and belts are extra.

*Family Rate applies to two or more active OKC Members in the same family.

Family Tuition Fees
Family Tuition Fees
Family Tuition Fees

ISKF International Instructor Kenshusei Tuition Fees


*Initiation Fees:                       $100.00 USD payable to OKC

*Annual Kenshusei Fee:             $80.00 USD payable to OKC

 Class Tuition Fee:                    $30.00 CDN per credit payable to OKC 

 Other Fees:                            Regular dojo tuition fees for OKC members


*Not available via online payment.

Kenshusei Class Tuition Fee

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