The Dojo Kun



The Dojo Kun

The following five guiding principles of karate, as set out in the Dojo Kun and recited at the end of each class, remind students that, as a self-actualizing member of society, the consummated martial artist has responsibilities not only to himself or herself but to others as well.


Hitotsu!             Jinkaku Kansei ni Tsutomuru Koto

One!                 Seek Perfection of Character

Hitotsu!             Makoto no Michi o Mamoru Koto

One!                 Be Faithful

Hitotsu!             Doryoku no Seishin no Yashinau Koto

One!                 Endeavour

Hitotsu!             Reigi o Omunzuru Koto

One!                 Respect Others

Hitotsu!             Keki no Yu o Imashimuru Koto

One!                 Refrain From Violent Behaviour


The word Hitotsu preceding each of the five principles gives each principle equal weight and, when taken together, forms a collective whole and harmony. Hitotsu represents character. As the tenets of the Dojo Kun indicate, the virtues included in the essence of character are: Sincerity, Effort, Etiquette, and Self-Control. These virtues are applicable not just to karate but to life in general; in fact, we all wish to exemplify these virtues, just as we wish to find these exemplified in others. Virtues are like spiritual muscles and need regular exercise.

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