Yoga and Pilates

Now available at the OKC!

Join us for yoga and pilates with Instructor Helen Petras, 4th Dan.


Drop In: $15

10 class package: $99

20 class package: $179 


Monday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Tuesday from  6:00pm to7:00pm

Saturday  from 9:30am to 10:30am 


    Helen Petras teaches Yoga and Pilates classes and draws from more than a decade of Bikram, Moksha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Mat work practice. She  worked as a Personal Trainer for over two decades and continues to work as a specialist within the film industry where she trains actors and actresses with a multi-disciplinary approach to fitness.

    Helen attained a Bachelors degree from the University of Western Ontario where she studied Anatomy, Kinesiology and Biomechanics. She continues to take courses in order to stay current within the health and fitness industry. Currently a 4th degree black belt at the Ontario Karate College, Helen taliors each class to suit the individual needs of the client, no matter what the fitness level.  


  • Yoga Exercise Certification, East to West Yoga
  • Mind Body Fitness Specialist, CanFitPro
  • Advanced Mat Work, Body Harmonics Pilates
  • Intermediate Mat Work, Body Harmonics Pilates
  • Pilates & Lower Back Conditions
  • Pilates with Therabands & Weighted Balls
  • Core and Swiss Ball Training, Strolf
  • Level 2 Certified Coach, HTCP
  • Level 1 Certified Coach, HTCP
  • Sandan Certification, Japan Karate Association and International Shotokan Karate Association
  • Nidan Certification, Japan Karate Association and International Shotokan Karate Association
  • Shodan Certification, Japan Karate Association and International Shotokan Karate Association
  • Kenshusei Instructor Training, International Shotokan Karate Association
  • Strength Coach Training Certification, Charles Poliquin
  • Bachelors from University of Western Ontario
  • First Aid with CPR and Defibrilation, St. John Ambulance



Why yoga is good for you.

Like karate, yoga practice  is benefical both physically and mentally. It is well known in yoga circles that it has cleansing properties, which are beneficial to one's physical health. Moreover, yoga:


Increases flexibility  by utilizing all the joints of the body.


Lubricates joints, ligaments and tendons.


Stimulates and massages internal glands and organs of the body.


Increases blood supply which detoxifies the body.


Strengthens and tones the muscles.

Like karate, the meditational aspect of yoga releases home, work and emotional stress. It promotes harmony of body and mind and leaves one with the feeling of peace and tranquility.


Benefits of Pilates


The benefits of Pilates are huge, because this method is a well thought out fitness system to improve body strength and body balance through stretching.
Pilates concentrates mainly on the fundamental postural muscles which serve the balance of the body and provide significant spine support.

Pilates exercises specifically strengthen the postural muscles supporting neutral alignment of your spine, thus gradually increasing this alignment to help alleviate or prevent back pain.

Performing these exercises systematically, together with concentrated patterns of breathing, Pilates is a very helpful method to increase physical fitness and to recover from injuries. It’s a professional sports training as well.

Chiropractors highly recommend Pilates for back and spine strengthening. Consecutive Pilate’s workouts increase thinner waist and thighs, increment mobility to joints, enhance a flatter stomach and improve blood circulation.

Here are the main Pilates principles:

  • Producing muscle strength, length and flexibility.
  • Builds up consciousness of neutral spine alignment or proper posture during the exercises.
  • Produces deep muscles to support good posture.
  • Use respiration techniques to boost mental centering and focus.
  • Involves the mind to concentrate and focus on improving muscle control and motion efficiency.

The main Pilates benefits are:

  • Restore postural alignment.
  • Create a more flexile and stronger spine.
  • Condition efficient motion patterns to make your body less vulnerable for injuries.
  • Relieve of back pains and joint stress.
  • Relieve of tension by way of deep stretching, boost energy levels and reduce stress.
  • Boost fast recovery from injury or strain.
  • Intensify neuromuscular coordination.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Enhance stamina, agility and mobility.
  • Improve the ‘look and feel’ of your body.
  • Complements any sports training platform.

How to have the best results from your Pilates workout.

  1. Remain focused. Pilates combines body movements with breathing sequence. It unites body and mind to relieve stress and anxiety.
  2. Be comfortable. Perform Pilates exercises wearing comfortable clothing, without shoes. Stop as soon as you begin to feel pain, feel strained, or feel uncomfortable.
  3. Avoid unsteady, fast movements, specially when changing from one position to the other. Movement should happen slowly yet flexible and strong.
  4. Think about your heart. With fluidity in mind, you can increase the pace of your Pilates exercises so your “heart rate” gets going. A great sugestion is to combine your Pilates workout with a cardiovascular exercise such as swimming or brisk walking.

Because Pilates exercises are gentle and do not involve many bouncing around, it is also recommended to:

  • Individuals with inadequate posture.
  • People looking for rehabilitation by way of physical therapy.
  • Persons suffering from arthritis because it helps reduce muscle stiffness.
  • Overweight individuals and the elderly since no bouncing, jumping or lifting is needed.
  • New mothers who want to recover their body shape as it provides famous results in the abdomen.

Pilates is for all ages, for everyone. Anyone can participate and enjoy its benefits!

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