2009 ISKF Canada Nationals

30/10/2009 03:32

I am pleased to report that the ISKF Canada 29th Nationals, which was held in Calgary was a huge success. Winners of this tournament will be going to Guyana in August 2010 to represent Canada in the Pan Ams. The Ontario team did reasonably well and I offer my congratulations.

Bernice Hughes was promoted to sixth dan and Jennifer Foster and Tanya Hendriks to fifth dan. The examining Board consisted of Masters Okazaki, 10th Dan, Yaguchi, 9th Dan, Me, and seventh dan(s) Cathy Cline, David Jones, Larry Loreth, Maureen Woon-A-Tai, and Danny Tam. Again my congratulations!

The dojo will be closed this Saturday for the Goodwill Tournament, which will be held at the Thomas L. Wells School in Scarborough. This is the same location as Master Okazaki’s clinic. Starting time is around 10:00am, but please be there by at least 9:30am.


The events will run differently this year. After a kata match, the contestants will face the same opponent and perform kumite. All by flag system. 

In any kata or kumite match, the basis of judgment will be as follows:


D level kime (weak)                  5.0 – 5.1

C level kime (medium)             5.2 – 5.3

B level kime (strong)                5.4 – 5.5

A level kime (very strong)        5.6 – 5.7 

This method requires D to A application of power, speed, sharpness and ki.


Finally, Master Okazaki has confirmed he will be attending our 2010 Shoto Camp on Labour Day weekend as our very special guest. For our young members, Master Okazaki is a direct student of Master Funakoshi. Thus, our lineage is direct to the founder of karate and this makes us third generation students of Master Funakoshi. 

Thank you for your attention.


Sensei Frank Woon-A-Tai

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