2009 Ontario Karate College Shoto Camp

01/08/2009 06:33

Kenshusei credits for judges in kata and kumite contests.Shodan to sandan exams.D and C judge exams.Camp Tournament.Team training for the nationals in Alberta (Thanksgiving weekend).Special morning outdoor and water group training in Lake Placid.Special optional mid-morning kata classes taught by all instructors simultaneously, and inSpecial kumite classes in the evenings.DVD evenings. 

Dear Instructors, Members and Friends:

I trust you are all well and training hard. Labour Day weekend is a great time for our Shoto Camp.

Although school scheduling conflicts may arise this year for some, traditionally, it is the weekend

before the start of the school year. It is also a great way to get back into training for all who took

summer off. As well, it is a chance to spend time with your family, friends and karate colleagues at

the end of summer karate camp. Most importantly, it is also a time to support your organization and

its programmes. Shoto Camp welcomes all Shotokan karate-ka from beginners to instructors to train

with us.

The last time we held our Camp was the year Princess Diana passed away. Thereafter, Bolton Camp

was sold to a church group and was not available. Now, Camp is back by popular demand and our

Camp Instructors, after 29 years in Ontario, and Canada have ‘Come of Age’ and will instruct and

assist instructing you. This is a great break through for all of us and I hope I can count on your

support, which is urgently needed. I want to say a very ‘special thank you’ to Instructors David and

Janice Pyke who are coming from New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island to help us out. They

are coming with their students.

It would be great to see as many instructors and students, if not all, from our dojos in: SSM, Echo

Bay, Bruce Mines, Ottawa, Ridgeway, Hamilton, Windsor, Kitchener, Sutton, Bracebridge,

Mississauga, Etobicoke/Scarborough, Rainbow Village/Lucy Maud, Fleming/Thomas L. Wells,

Timberbank, and Toronto.

This year’s camp will feature:















consecutive hour sessions for you to choose from. Thus, you will have the opportunity to

learn the kata(s) and bunkai you do not know.





In closing, this camp will officially launch the beginning of the Ontario Karate College as a karateeducation,

instruction, and certification entity. Thank you for your support and I look forward to

seeing you at Camp White Pine.

Best regards,

Sensei Frank Woon-A-Tai


For Full Camp Information, Download the PDF Document: 2009 ONTARIO KARATE COLLEGE SHOTO CAMP.pdf (509,5 kB)



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